“Integrity”, a poem by Jean M. Hodges


I’m so sick of seeing a bunch of rich pricks taking their pick of a crop

While artists steal, steel and will themselves with work to get to the top

Exposure is their only true payment as if empty promises can fill wallets

Or pay off someone’s rent?

I’d rather not give them cent if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s the job a company to make money

So they take money and ration it out to artists with the rationale that artists

Don’t need to make money, they need to make art

And yet we treat artists dreams as if they’re petty

And yet we collect artist dreams like they’re pretty little baubles for decoration

And dismiss the creator when they ask for compensation

For every piece of love they put into their work

Because money would sulley an artist’s integrity

As if artists don’t need to eat

As if artists don’t need to breathe…

My rich friend points to a painting above their stairs

Claiming that the artists was a favorite of theirs

And when I ask how much they paid is a sum that astounds me-

-but not as much as them grumbling that all artists want nowadays is money.



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2 thoughts on ““Integrity”, a poem by Jean M. Hodges

  1. You’re speaking the truth, Jean!

    We as creators and artists are more than the worth of money (or worthlessness because of the petty/snobbish/selfish reasons behind it), but we create for the thrill of learning the truth about the world and ourselves and mold it into beautiful masterpieces. We do it because we love it- it’s our passion, and it’s not right the way everybody else to treat us like second rate or something even lower.

    I like that your put your frustrations out there in poetry and not regretting every second of it. Thank you for this poem! 🙂


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