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Persephone at 2am: A Lore Olympus Monologue

Image and monologue used and adapted from Rachel Smythe’s amazing webcomic, Lore Olympus.

Find Lore Olympus here   |  Support them on Patreon. | Follow them on Twitter.



PERSPHONE, on Fatesbook voicechat with HADES:


(cheerful night time music is playing)


Excuse me, you the boss of /me/ King Hades?! Well, I guess my mother was a lil right about about the Tri-Division Monarchy then…

oH! Yeah, my Mom did teach me about the Tri-Division Monarchy…kinda. She mostly said you and your brothers are just smoking, drinking, womanizers and you pretty much just sit on your butts all day and throw your weight around when you you feel like it.

Oh, you want my opinion about you…


(cheerful night time music slowly fades out)

(voice over)

(melancholy music plays)


My opinion…I feel like this is the first time someone’s asked for my opinion…

I  am good. Not just good, VERY GOOD. Well, I’m supposed to be anyway. When you’re supposed to be one thing all the time, it’s exhausting.

You’re on the opposite end of the spectrum from me. I thought you… might be exhausted too. I guess… I really don’t know you…but I’d like to.


(voice over ends)


Sorry, I think I’m just homesick right now.


(melancholy music fades out)


(cheerful nighttime music picks back up)


But anyway…what are you still doing up…hmmm…?


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