For character building if you want help designing an OC or characters in a story you want, and would like a profile page for them or something to that effect, or help with character creation and general character crafting. Limit 2000 words.

$25/Per Character Crafting Consultation

This service is separate from the more general Writing Commission. If taken with a commission, please add the baseline Writing Commission to the standard Character Crafting Consultation price .

Example: Baseline Writing Commission + Character Crafting Consultation= Price Ie. $5/500 words + $25 = $30


You get 3 revisions of each commission/service request. Afterwards, I charge $5 per revision

For both Character Crafting Consultation and Worldbuilding Assistance, I’ll be in contact with you throughout the process, bouncing ideas to make sure all parties are satisfied. This has a limit of 10-15 emails, and will only be counted during the standard commission process.


Every Writing Service will take between 3-14 business days, depending on the complexity of the commission/request.

I expect half (50% of) the Writing Commission price upfront, and the customer can pay the rest once the commission is completed. This is non-refundable.

All other additional Writing Services are to be paid in full and are a nonrefundable item. The customer is expected to be able to pay upfront. The customer, however, may request 3 examples of the artist’s choosing before purchase.

A customer can cancel at any time, but in order for your commission to be counted, I expect partial payment upfront. This goes for baseline commissions and any other writing services, such as worldbuilding and character building as well.

My payment method is through Paypal, specifically Paypal invoices.

I also use Venmo. After we confirm a commission, we can exchange information.


All commissioners and/or writing service customers have permission to list their names on commissions as “Anonymous”.

When sharing commissions/work from my Writing Services online, please be sure to credit me. I also reserve the right to share and publish each commission/ Writing Service piece, as I retain the rights and have the legal privilege to do so.

If you want to keep the Writing Commission/Writing Service piece(s) private, that’s perfectly fine. Just specify it when you first approach me for a commission and pay an additional $25 for commission privacy, and we’ll be square! Same goes for all other writing services.

For examples of my work, please visit my website: Any questions? Contact me at:

Thank you so much for viewing and I hope you have a lovely day! Hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely, Jean M. Hodges