Check Out My Work!


I’m Never Sure What to Tell You – a poem about siblings talking about love and sex. Published 2017.

Easter Dressing – a poem about a little girl getting ready for the Easter holiday.  Published 2017.

Open Ocean  a poem about friends just trying to safely trying to tread water. Published 2016.

Being Political– a poem about black people and the politics of their existence. Published 2016.

Self-Medication – a poem about how people cope. Published 2016.

For the Taking – a song/poem inspired by the Hades and Persephone art of Megan C. Lloyd.

“Integrity”  – a poem about artists and money. Published 2016.

Very Black Hair – a poem about hair and acceptance. Published 2016.


Shango, the Witch, and the Wand – a witch loses a wand, & enlists a junkyard hermit to find it. Published 2017.

Good Reasona young girl contemplates about friendship and why she doesn’t need it. A Mythos story. Published 2016.

Diadem – a grandfather reminisces while getting his grandchild a new pet. A Mythos story. Published 2016.

Von’s Morning a mother and son share a moment. A Mythos story. Published 2016.

Names a really short story about where a few people’s names came to be. A Mythos story. Published 2016.


All Wild Hair – a young woman navigates her relationships with people– and people’s relationship with her hair. Published 2016.

Looking Between Hues – a mother and child have  a conversation. Published 2016.

An Aromatic Sense – a young man recalls a summer job. Fiction. A Mythos Story. Published 2016.

G(r)eeks and the Cemetary Block – a girl and her delinquent classmate discuss the greatness of Greek gods and the creepiness of the nearby cemetery. Fiction. Published 2016.