BEHOLD. My works in progress. Watch as I try to scrape out my own pieces of clay into really, real works of art.

Features whatever I am currently mushing together.


And Another Thing : A webcomic-podcast following the life of Jean M. Hodges.

A young writer must use online media to both find her place in artistic spaces & navigate her mental illness, gender, and racial identity in her own real life.

Current Progress: Release date pending. I even have a cool logo for it!

BRIAR the first novel in the MYTHOS, an urban fantasy series by Jean M. Hodges.

In BRIAR, a young sorceress must rescue and return her kingdom’s lost heir to both save her family name & her fledgling country from the goddess’ destruction before the summer solstice.

Current Progress: Second draft.

TBNL a book of urban fantasy short stories focused on teenagers. YA.

Current Progress : Finished outline. Currently writing.